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The History of HVFD

Harmony Volunteer Fire Department was organized in 1938 with the help of Statesville Fire Dept. In 1963 property was acquired on E. Memorial Hwy (beside EG Enterprise), and the fireman built a new station with the help of the community. It officially became Harmony VFD at this time. Today we are in our Brand new building at 3351 Harmony Hwy. The Fire Station is 9600 sq. ft. and houses 7 fire department vehicles. This building will allow us the room to keep up with the demands of our growing community.

Statesville Fire Dept. helped us purchase a second hand pumper truck. In the 1950's a brand new 500-gallon pumper truck was purchased. This was the second truck the station owned. Harmony Volunteer Fire Department till owns this truck today and you can see it every year in the Harmony Parade.

In the late 1990's medical service to the local area residents became a reality. With the help of a few members of the department and community, we began to purchase equipment and attend classes to become trained to handle any emergency situation. In the beginning, they were trained in only basic first aid & CPR. Now all of our 1st Responders are state certified Medical Responders or EMT's. An estimated 50-60% of the fire department calls are emergency medical services.

In 1977, the Ladies Auxiliary was organized to help with fundraising and getting rehab to the firemen. They also offer a scholarship fund to high school seniors that are in the Junior Firemen Program or who has an immediate family member in the department. They remain an important part of our department today.

The Junior Firemen is also a very active organization within the department. To become a member you must be between the ages of 14-18 and enrolled in school with passing grades. This program prepares them to serve on the department as well as assist with fundraisers and calls.

HVFD Memorial Stone in front of Harmony Station

Currently the fire department has 50 volunteer firemen, 17 ladies auxiliary and 15 junior firemen. The 1st Responders must be a member of the firemen or the auxiliary. That is a total of 82 members. We are currently accepting applications for firemen in the Olin area. The firemen fundraisers are the BBQ held the first Saturday in May and November.